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Posts tagged 'Macerator'

Saniflo – The 10 Golden Rules

If you are installing a Saniflo in your home and you need some top pointers, then the Saniflo 10 golden rules will give you all the guidance you need.

1. All horizontal pipes should have a minimum fall of 1:100. Discharge pipework on the Saniflo should be copper or rigid solvent weld plastic, not “pushfit”.
2. If a vertical run is needed, this should be at the start of the run (within 30cm of the unit) and from the high point there must be a minimum fall of 1:100.

7 years ago

Saniaccess New To Saniflo

Saniflo have launched their new range of macerators which have been designed for new installations in domestic and light commercial applications.

The internal workings of the new units function in the same way as the current Saniflo domestic range.

In total there are four new units.
• Saniaccess 1 – this takes waste from a WC, this is the equivalent of a Saniflo
• Saniaccess 2 – this takes waste from a WC & basin, this is the equivalent of a Sanitop.
• Saniaccess 3 – this takes waste from a WC, basin, shower & bidet, this is the equivalent of a Sanislim, Sanipro or Saniplus
• Saniaccess Pump – this takes waste from a basin, bidet, shower, bath, dishwasher & washing machine, this is the equivalent of a Sanivite.

8 years ago

Saniflo Pumps – For All Those Unconventional Places!

For over 30 years, Saniflo units have been installed throughout the UK and to date; nearly two million have been sold. Saniflo small-bore pumps and macerators enable the addition of facilities almost anywhere even if access to mains drainage is either impossible or cost prohibited. The stories below have been selected to illustrate the diversity of Saniflo Products, both in application and location!

9 years ago

Stuart Turner Wasteflo – Offering a Flexible Macerator Solution

Stuart Turner, best known for its ranges of Shower pumps, has strengthened its portfolio with the addition of the ‘wasteflo‘ brand, which includes a range of macerators and lifting stations. They are compact and simple to install and come with a removable watertight cassette system for easy and clean access, without having to remove pipework or the appliance for servicing.

10 years ago

Over Thirty Years of Saniflo Satisfaction!

The Saniflo Professional Range extends the benefits of Saniflo technology from the domestic to the commercial sector – taking advantage of the brand’s quality, reliability and service support – offering more powerful pumps and macerators for the most robust use in situations hampered by remote soil stacks or drainage

The Professional Range comprises of seven products that are tough enough to perform in some of the most demanding situations where it is necessary to deliver waste water using small bore discharge pipe-work.

11 years ago