Saniaccess New To Saniflo

Saniaccess New To Saniflo
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Saniaccess New To Saniflo

Saniflo have launched their new range of macerators which have been designed for new installations in domestic and light commercial applications.

The internal workings of the new units function in the same way as the current Saniflo domestic range.

In total there are four new units.
Saniaccess 1 – this takes waste from a WC, this is the equivalent of a Saniflo
Saniaccess 2 – this takes waste from a WC & basin, this is the equivalent of a Sanitop.
Saniaccess 3 – this takes waste from a WC, basin, shower & bidet, this is the equivalent of a Sanislim, Sanipro or Saniplus
Saniaccess Pump – this takes waste from a basin, bidet, shower, bath, dishwasher & washing machine, this is the equivalent of a Sanivite.

If you are replacing an existing unit then you will need to stick with a like for like machine. For a new installation the Saniaccess is a must, its best feature being the split top lid allowing easy access inside the machine.

Servicing a standard domestic Saniflo unit can be a long winded and costly job which would include disconnecting from the electrics and disposing of all the water inside the unit and that’s just for starters. The Saniaccess is much easier & quicker to service and maintain due to the easy access cover. The macerator is located in one half and the electrics in the other allowing it to be looked out without having to remove it from behind the pan.

Saniflo have led the market in “quiet” technology and the Saniaccess is no exception to this. This innovation reduces the noise transmitted through the product whilst still giving optimal performance.