Authorised Milwaukee Distributor

Authorised Milwaukee Distributor
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Authorised Milwaukee Distributor

Milwaukee Tools Authorised UK Distributors

Officially from the 1st February 2024, Milwaukee will no longer be sold on Amazon, eBay, Mano Mano, DIY.COM or any other e-commerce platform in the United Kingdom.

You will ONLY be able to register and get extended warranty on any Milwaukee products if they are brought directly from an "Authorised Distributor". 

Here at buyaparcelcom we have been offically selected to opperate as one of the authorised Milwaukee distributers.


We can offically sell you Milwaukee Powertools, Hand Tools, Powertool Accessories, Tool Storage, Outdoor Power Equipment and PPE Workwear via our website serving the whole of the UK and our trade counter based in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Only Authorised Milwaukee Distributors will be able to sell you genuine, brand-new product with full warranty protection. To verify if a dealer is truly an authorised distributer scan the QR code above.

Benefits of purchasing from an authorised UK Milwaukee Dealer

• All-new extended guarantees – from 1-2 extra years*
• Full product support – Get expert Customer Service assistance every step of the way
• Genuine products – always provided by authorised retailers like us
The extended guarantee(s) will be granted only to new items purchased on or after 1st February 2024 and registered within 30 days of purchase, with rights already established before this date to remain unaffected.

How do I register my products for an extended warranty?
To register your warranty extension, head on over to within 30 days of purchase to ensure you don't miss out.

3-year guarantee on Milwaukee Power Tools
2. 2-year guarantee on Outdoor power equipment
3. 2-year guarantee on REDLITHIUM™ Batteries

Why can’t I buy Milwaukee tools on Amazon or eBay? 
As part of the selective distribution system, Authorised Milwaukee Dealers – the only companies with access to genuine Milwaukee items – are prohibited to sell Milwaukee branded products via third-party sellers or online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Mano Mano and Facebook to name just a few. The only place users will be able to buy brand new Milwaukee products online is via Authorised Milwaukee Dealer websites.

Even if you purchase from a known retailer (company that IS an authorised distributor) via their Amazon or eBay listings, you still will NOT be able to register for extended warranties. Regardless of what the invoice says after the purchase so please bare this in mind. Milwaukee wants there customer to enjoy the buying experience when it comes to there products, this is why Milwaukee as asking you to use proper retailers that offer a good service and taking care of there customers who can offer you the fully experience.


Milwaukee Changes from 1st February 2024 in a brief glance

Remember Amazon, Ebay, ManoMano are NOT authorised Milwaukee distributors and you will NOT be able to extend any warranties, this is because they are NOT official authorised distributors, this includes purchasing from an authorised distributor on Amazon, you will still NOT be able to extend your warranty, so please use our link above which is take you to our “Authorised Milwaukee Distributor” page when you can purchase all things RED!

From there M12 Range to M18 and Packout storage systems and many more!