Here at Buyaparcel, we want the best for the environment. We continually look for ways to improve and expand how we can play our part and be more sustainable.

Being an online company, we wouldn’t get very far without packaging! We recycle worn out, tatty cardboard by putting it through our shredder and it becomes excellent packing material that can be used in place of bubble wrap. Where possible, we will get more than one use out of a cardboard box.
We often buy our stock in bulk which enables us to give influence on suppliers to have minimal or sometimes no brand packaging – especially when it comes to power tools and accessories.

As many do, we strive to become a paperless office. Whilst this proves tricky, we limit the use of paper in the office and will shortly be sending customer invoices be email only.

All lighting within our warehouse and office is LED and is switched off when not in use. The latter also applies to all the electrical equipment we use.
The correct office temperature seems to be a worldwide debate! We ensure heating is adjusted accordingly and have fully insulated our roof space for extra efficiency.

We have moved our website and business applications from traditional on-premise servers into the cloud so we are sharing resources with thousands of other businesses instead of running our own electricity hungry servers and the associated power protection and air conditioning that all has an impact on our carbon footprint. Microsoft cloud computing is 93% energy efficient and has 98% lower carbon emissions than on-site data centres.

Our office and canteen have the facilities for waste to be disposed of in the best possible way. We have three rubbish bins so that waste can be separated – Recycling, food waste and non-recyclables.

We partner with delivery companies that we can rely upon to deliver parcels swiftly and efficiently whilst having a responsible approach to the environment.
DHL Environmental are part of the part of the world’s leading logistics company and are committed to corporate social responsibility.
Whistl Environmental aim to minimise carbon emissions and energy, water and paper usage by providing adequate facilities and encouraging the right behaviour.