Free UK Delivery <br />on Orders over £100

Free UK Delivery
on Orders over £100

Next Day & Saturday <br />Delivery Options

Next Day & Saturday
Delivery Options

EU Businesses VAT Free Purchasing

VAT registered non-UK business in the EU

Using Your Valid VAT Number to Place Tax Free Orders Outside of the UK
You can place your order as tax free if you live outside of the UK and hold a valid VAT number for the business you are placing the order from. We recommend creating an account and entering your details using the account details pages. Here, you can enter the business address and VAT number (VAT numbers must be entered using numbers and capital letters only, excluding the VAT country code prefix and they must be associated to the business address). You will receive notification shortly after entering the details stating if your VAT number was validated successfully or not.

You can also enter your valid VAT number when using "Checkout as Guest". Simply enter your VAT number after entering your address details. The VAT entry box will become available once your country is selected. The tax will be removed before the payment is requested.