Over Thirty Years of Saniflo Satisfaction!

Over Thirty Years of Saniflo Satisfaction!
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Over Thirty Years of Saniflo Satisfaction!

The Saniflo Professional Range extends the benefits of Saniflo technology from the domestic to the commercial sector – taking advantage of the brand’s quality, reliability and service support – offering more powerful pumps and macerators for the most robust use in situations hampered by remote soil stacks or drainage

The Professional Range comprises of seven products that are tough enough to perform in some of the most demanding situations where it is necessary to deliver waste water using small bore discharge pipe-work.

A selection of the products from the range are detailed below:

The Saniflo Sanispeed is a pump which is intended for light commercial situations. It has a working temperature of 35°C and can operate at 75°C for short periods. It pumps up to 70m and has proved to be extremely efficient in bar and restaurant environments where no alternative to traditional gravity drainage exists.

The Saniflo Sanicubic is the most powerful pump made by Saniflo. It has been designed for the discharge of waste from multiple WCs and other waste water producing appliances. The unit is capable of discharging waste through 50mm pipe-work up to 11m vertically or 100m horizontally or a lesser combination of each.

The Sanicubic can handle waste water up to 70°C for short periods and has dual motors for absolute reliability and power. There are two alarms; one unit mounted and one remote – the remote alarm will sound whenever the main alarm is in operation.

The Saniflo Sanibest accepts waste and water from a WC, hand basin, shower and urinal. The unit features a high performance motor combined with a radical macerator action, powerful enough to cope with the occasional misuse by members of the public. Hence, it is the preferred product when selecting a macerator unit for public conveniences.

Sanicom2, with its 2 x 1500 Watt motors, gives the added security where continuity of service is important. Sanicom is the second pump in the Professional Range. It has a powerful oil and fan cooled motor encased in aluminium housing. It can pump water over a staggering 100m horizontally, 10m vertically or a lesser combination of both. It disposes of water circa 35°C but is capable of dealing with 90°C water for short periods dependent upon flow rate and discharge pipework configuration. Its high flow rate to pumping head is ideally suited to demanding commercial or industrial environments.

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