Saniflo Pumps – For All Those Unconventional Places!

Saniflo Pumps – For All Those Unconventional Places!
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Saniflo Pumps – For All Those Unconventional Places!

For over 30 years, Saniflo units have been installed throughout the UK and to date; nearly two million have been sold. Saniflo small-bore pumps and macerators enable the addition of facilities almost anywhere even if access to mains drainage is either impossible or cost prohibited. The stories below have been selected to illustrate the diversity of Saniflo Products, both in application and location!

Sanispeed Scores for Cardiff City – Seventeen SANISPEED units have been installed at the new Cardiff City Stadium, home to both Cardiff FC and the Cardiff Blues rugby team. The Saniflo units overcame the stadium’s awkward placing of bars and food stands, which were located where lowground drainage was not accessible.
Installer Peter Davis explains; ‘The SANISPEED commercial pump from the Saniflo Professional Range enabled the food stands and bars to be placed according to the original fitting plan and the waste from several wash basins and self-catering machines and condensers to be pumped underneath seating and across to the stadium.’
The commercial pump runs on a domestic power supply and is the perfect solution those awkward plumbing problems associated with bars, cafes and canteens that are located remote from mains drainage.

Saniflo – Not Just a Flash in the Pan! – Smalls lighthouse, off the Pembrokeshire coast of Wales was the first wind and solar powered lighthouse in the UK and a perfect example of the breadth and depth of locations that have benefitted from Saniflo technology. The first message in a bottle was successfully sent from this small island reaching its addressee miles away and facilitating a rescue of stranded repair workers.
The main problem with lighthouses is that traditional pipework cannot be installed on the outside of the tower and due to curved walls and 12” thick granite floors, it is difficult and cost prohibitive to add facilities using conventional gravity drainage inside. Therefore, installation of a SANIFLO unit meant that facilities could be added using small-bore pipework to route the waste to ground level and out into the sea. The result being that this lighthouse was the first to have a flushing toilet thanks to Saniflo!

Sanivite Flies High – The staff canteen at the Scottish Seabird Centre, north Benivlck, is on the ground floor, but the washing facilities for all the dishes and cutlery is provided by two separate sinks located in the basement. This presented a major problem – raising the waste water up to the ground floor for disposal into the building’s mains drainage as system. A SANIVITE unit was suggested by local plumber Robert Walker. He says: “This was a more than adequate solution which was very quickly, efficiently and economically provided by connecting both sinks to the one SANIVITE and then running the 32mm pipework up the wall and out through the ceiling. We incorporated a total of three bends to get the waste water precisely to the main drainage system. “l was fully aware of the Saniflo range and the capabilities of the various models and knew that the SANIVITE would comfortably meet the requirements. It made it possible to locate the sinks where it was convenient for their purpose but would not have been possible using traditional plumbing methods.”

Sanicubics on the Rooftops of London – When the top floor of the iconic Dickens and Jones building was redesigned to incorporate two glamorous restaurants problems of drainage arose. Gravity drainage was not an option due to the building being listed and retaining concrete floors. Waste and water from the kitchens and bars needed to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. 5 SANICUBIC units were installed to deal with this quantity of waste water. The units were located adjacent either to a wall or a steel column permitting the pump discharge and vent pipe to rise from the floor void. These were then concealed in the restaurants false ceiling to run to the nearest gravity drainage pipe. Saniflo the order of the day!

Sanicubic Goes Off Piste! – When Play Factore, Manchester decided to expand their children’s play business an idea to utilise space underneath an existing artificial ski slope initially a challenge. Plumbing for facilities was a problem due to the distance to mains pipe work. The installers recommended a SANICUBIC macerator pump as a solution!

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