Makita 18v Multi Tool Proving To Be a Big Success

Makita 18v Multi Tool Proving To Be a Big Success
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Makita 18v Multi Tool Proving To Be a Big Success

Makita Powertools recently launched a range of Multi-Tool machines at their May Trade show.

They are increasingly favoured by installers and fit-out specialists for their very varied blade and accessory options and for the ease of operation in confined spaces.

• Mains powered and Lithium-ion cordless options
• 6,000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute
• Comprehensive range of accessories and compatible with other brands

A Multi-Tool blade oscillates across just 3.2 degrees – 1.60 either side of centre – which enables cuts to be made in locations where a full-stroke jigsaw or reciprocating saw could not operate. The slim handgrip sized bodies also makes access easier and provides comfortable and safe machine control.

The Makita TM3000C, mains Multi-Tool is available in 110v and 240v and powered by a 320watt motor. The Makita BTM40 14.4v and BTM50 18v Lithium-ion Muilti Tools powered cordless machines offer even greater manoeuvrability and require only a 22-minute recharge time. All the machines have conveniently placed thumb on/off control and the variable speed dial is on the body side.

The new Makita range of blades and accessories features 23 alternative sawing, plunge cutting, rasping and sanding attachments plus a comprehensive range of abrasive materials to suit the multi-tool sanding pad. Attachment of the abrasives is by convenient loop and hook. Whereas a full size orbital sander will “bounce” off adjacent material when you try to get close into a corner, the accuracy and small angle of operation of a multi-tool makes fine and close sanding possible.

All Makita Multi-Tool machines come with attachments to connect to dust extraction vacuum units. The Oscillating Interface System (OIS) means that other brand accessories will fit the Makita multi-tool whilst a handy adaptor also means that a further range of accessories can be utilised.

Multi-Tool operations are varied. Cutting a new light box cavity through plasterboard is easy with the plunge saw cutter. Similarly, slicing the bottom off a doorframe architrave to allow flooring to fit accurately is easy with a multi-tool where it would be impossible to operate a circular saw or jigsaw without removing the timber which would then require refinishing. The versatility of the Makita TM3000 and BTM multi-tool range makes many installation and repair tasks very simple.

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