The New Bristan Joy Electric Shower

The New Bristan Joy Electric Shower
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The New Bristan Joy Electric Shower

The Joy is part of a new range of Bristan Electric Showers including the Bristan Smile, Bristan Glee, Bristan Joy, and Bristan Bliss electric showers.

The range boasts some very modern features, such as digital display with clear temperature indication, and phased shutdown which helps reduce limescale build up & prevents short, sharp blasts of hot water for the next user.

If you don’t have a water softener, then we recommend the use of a scale inhibitor such as the Liff Wrappa or Liff Shortest to give your electric shower an extended working life.

The Joy has a stylish modern appearance with a smooth surface that makes it a doddle to keep clean. The supplied chrome riser rail shower set incorporates a shelf with hooks and a rub-clean, multi-spray handset.

A Step by Step Guide for the Installation of a Bristan Joy Electric Shower:

1) An installation template is included in the Bristan Joy manual and user guide, which helps you to position the shower correctly

2) Firstly you mark the three fixing points on to the wall, drill suitably sized holes and secure the shower unit on top of the tiled surface using the fixings provided.

3) The Bristan Joy electric shower has five cold water inlets and five electrical cable entry points to choose from, so fitting the shower is quick and easy. In this example we select the right back water inlet, remove the plastic cover and manoeuvre the pipe into position.

4) We feed the cable from behind the cover to the connection block inside the shower unit.
The power control knob and corresponding spindle notch is set at the 9 o’ clock position. The temperature control and control spindle is set fully clockwise

5) We connect the cable from the cover to the connection in the base unit. Next fit the cover, ensuring no wiring is trapped, and secure it with the four retaining screws supplied.

6) The Bristan ]oys’ riser rail has an adjustable bottom bracket, so existing fixing holes can be used or covered over. We choose the position for the top and bottom brackets and mark the tiles accordingly. With the help of a spirit level, we can check the riser rail will be straight

7) After the riser rail is in position, we pass the hose through the large hose-retaining hole in the handy storage shelf and add the nib-clean chrome handset

8) The shower is then commissioned and we carry out a final system flush to ensure any debris is removed. Many plumbers now are members of Bristan’s Prime installer club, and after installing a Bristan shower will complete a feedback form, which helps Bristan to continually develop and improve its products.

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Bella lauriix
Bristan Joy Electric Shower is one of the best electric showers This model is very beautiful and had amazing features with pressure control.