Bahco Celebrate 30 Years Of The Ergonomic Hand Tool

Bahco Celebrate 30 Years Of The Ergonomic Hand Tool
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Bahco Celebrate 30 Years Of The Ergonomic Hand Tool

Bahco are celebrating their breakthrough in designing and manufacturing the world’s first ergonomic hand tool. Their first ergonomic screwdriver protected hands and was more comfortable to use than traditional tools.

Since 1983, the Bahco team have designed, continuously developed and fine-tuned and manufactured 600 types of ergonomic tool using an 11 point program. This method has been approved by independent experts and tested by professionals. To find out more about Bahco’s ERGO development process click here.

For a tool to be considered as ergonomic it must be suitable to the task, the user and the environment. So what are the benefits of an ergonomic tool???

Gripping any hand tool uses 42 different hand muscles which if used repeatedly can be strained. Bahco’s ERGO range are designed to fit the human hand minimising grip-strength demands and allows muscles to relax reducing the risk of muscle fatigue. Contact stress and slipping are managed through the right choice of materials and handle design. The handle is essential as it provides precision and of the tool, and is designed to reduce vibrations to the hand and arm.

Bahco believe it is important for the tools to be reliable and durable in challenging conditions and for the tool to be adapted to the user, not the user to the tool. This means the tools are more efficient, effective and less tiring for the end user to function.

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