The iconic brand Bahco was founded back in 1886 making it one of the longest established names in the industry. It is still a symbol of quality and is represented by the "little fish and hook" logo.

From high quality steel fish hooks eventually evolved saw blades, every blade still carries the Fish and Hook trademark to this day. The innovation did not stop there, in 1891 Bahco invented the adjustable spanner which formed the basis for the adjustable wrench. This product has evolved into many forms such as the 9031, 9031T and 80 series, all with unique features to get the job done.

Other products of note are the bi-metal Sandflex® blades, the world's first ergonomic screwdrivers and their extensive range of socket sets. Bahco pride themselves on building long-term partnerships with their distributers and are proud to be included in this.

Bahco is SNA Europe's (a fully owned subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated; NYSE: SNA) flagship brand and is distributed in all continents.


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