Why is my Triton Electric Shower Too Hot in the Summer?

Why is my Triton Electric Shower Too Hot in the Summer?
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Why is my Triton Electric Shower Too Hot in the Summer?

Does your shower water temperature fluctuate constantly between being too hot or too cold? If so this blog will have some tips to try to regulate your temperature and to keep it set so you aren't left with cold feet!

There can many reasons why your electric shower temperature fluctuates from simple quick fixes to parts needing to be changed.

Many of us experience inconsistent water temperature while you are having a good old sing song to your favourite anthem in the shower because:

1. Someone has turned the tap on downstairs
2. Someone has flushed the loo
3. Or someone is just being silly while you are in the shower

Meaning you hit that high note on the song because you get an ice-cold gush of cold water!
This can all be because of a faulty "Pressure balancing valve".
The pressure-balancing valves open and close depending on the water flow in the pipes. If the water begins to run either too hot or too cold, then the valve kicks in. But, if the valve isn’t working properly, the water pressure could run low.
Sadly, replacing a balancing valve can be a tad tricky to always replace, so if you suffer with any of the above other than the singing please call your local plumber who can advise further details.

Check your Water Heater ?

As we mention aboved there any many reasons why you could suffer with hot and cold temperature burst, but checking your water heater is another quick and easy thing to do!
There are a few very quick and simple ways to do this :

Insufficient Sized Water Tank
Your water heater may be struggling to heat the water consistently if the tank is too small. You can test the efficiency of your water tank by doing the following:

Run the hot water in one shower. Keep all other water appliances fully closed including all taps etc . Did your water temperature remain consistent?
If so, then you can conclude that the problem lies with the combination of other appliances or if the temperature has started to be effected this could conclude that the water tank is too small.
( Also if you have two showers and you followed this process of keeping all taps off and then turned one shower on and then the 2nd shower and your temperature starts to change this also means It cannot keep up with the demand from two showers, meaning your tank is to small)


One of the main reasons other than a tripped fuse or circuit which can happen when the thermostat is faulty causing it to trip the fuse board, can be the shower cartridge.
To try and see if the fault is the shower cartridge do you happen to lose temperature when any other water based appliances that use a lot of water are running such as, dishwasher, washing machine , toilet etc ?
If your shower is struggling to keep the flow of the water warm and you have any of the above you might have a issue with the shower cartridge?
They can be removed normally after turning off the water to the unit and then locating the cartridge which normally is held in with a metal clip, but seek techincal advice from a plumber or in the manual .

A Final point which can cause your shower to run hot and cold and also one of the easiest way to do so is to check the shower hose and shower head for any blockages or build up of limescale in or around the jets on the shower head or internally inside the hose!


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