Why Choose The Bosch Drywall Screwdriver?

Why Choose The Bosch Drywall Screwdriver?
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Why Choose The Bosch Drywall Screwdriver?

Let’s keep this nice and easy, there are 5 reasons why the Bosch GSR 18 V-EC TE should be your tool of choice:

1. Run Time – The professional GSR18VECTE uses a more efficient EC Brushless motor. Once this is combined with a high ampere battery it will deliver more power and applications per battery charge – up to 3,400 screws.

2. Compactness – As well as being more efficient, the EC Brushless motor is more compact enabling the drill to have a much smaller head. This also makes the tool lighter and easier to use.

The Makita drywall screwdriver alternative – BFS451RFE – weighs in at 1.7kg with a 3.0ah battery and the head measures 294mm. Compare this to the much lighter Bosch version at 1.3kg with 2.0Ah battery or 1.6kg with a 4.0Ah battery. It is also 43mm smaller at 251mm. This will allow you to get into tighter spaces and use for longer without fatigue.

3. Ergonomics – seeing as the run time is increased it is essential that it is comfortable for the user to use over longer periods of time when continuously driving in thousands of screws. Bosch have this covered on the GSR 18 VEC TE.

4. Life Time – The EC Brushless motor delivers up to 100% longer life time compared to a Bosch tool with a DC motor of the same class. The way in which the motor electronically switches eliminates the wear out of brushes and lowers the amount of heat generated. This all adds up to a longer life time for your professional drywall screwdriver.

5. Flexibility – Connecting the MA55 professional autofeed ensure continuous work can be carried out fast, easily and economically. The MA 55 has an adjustment depth stop to allow for different screw lengths. This can be altered without the use of tools which means more time is saved.

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