Why choose the Bosch CoolPack?

Why choose the Bosch CoolPack?
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Why choose the Bosch CoolPack?

While on the jobsite everybody wants more power from their cordless tool. This extra power can be provided by larger motors, which in turn need higher capacity batteries that can get the power to the motor faster. This allows the motor to run for longer.

The Bosch CoolPack promises increased run time – up to 65% – and longer life time. This is difficult to achieve because the more a tool is used the hotter the battery gets and we all know heat is a batteries worst enemy. It causes damage to the cells, making the battery less efficient. This means it needs to be put on charge more frequently and reduces its longevity as well as causing delays in your working day.

The new CoolPack has special housing where the lithium ion cells are pressed precisely into a red heatsink and thermally bound to it. This is made of HDPE which is very good at conducting heat while being electrically insulated. It is designed with cooling fins on the bottom to allow the heat to escape easier. This all adds up to the battery having a much longer life. 

Although the batteries are very robust being able to survive up to a 3m drop, they are also compact and the lightest batteries on the market. The design incorporates a LED indicator to show the stage of the battery charge and they are 100% compatible with Bosch Blue Li-ion tools and chargers of the same voltage.

So if you are still unsure as to why this technology is so great, lets make it clear. The CoolPack will run for longer and you can rest easy knowing the battery is not going to be heat damaged. In the long run, this will save you time and money.

The technology is in use with many of the companies batteries including the new 18v 4.0ah.