Which Stanley Stud Sensor Is Right For Me

Which Stanley Stud Sensor Is Right For Me
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Which Stanley Stud Sensor Is Right For Me

With the various models in the stud sensor range, there is no longer any need to guess what is behind your walls and will prevent you making unnecessary holes. Some experienced carpenters may swear by taping the wall or ceiling and listening out for a change in sound to locate a stud, but as we all know this is not a full proof technique. The four available models from Stanley will satisfy a broad range of needs from small projects to large.

They have the ability to detect wood, live AC cables and ferrous and non-ferrous metals whilst enabling fast and precise location of the centre and edge of studs for suitable fixing points and accurate marking out.

The entry level S100 has wood and metal stud detection up to ¾” though material, an AC detection which picks up live wires up to 2” deep, marking channel with an LED and sequential LEDs and audible beeps whish indicate the edge of studs. The next level up, theStanley S150 can detect wood and metal through thicker material 1 – ½”.

Going up to the Stanley S200, as well as the accuracy being increased an LCD screen is included along with OnePass centre find technology which locates the stud centres. Finally, theStanley Fatmax S300 is the most accurate in the range and is the only model that will detect copper. As well as all the S200 features, it has a back lit LCD screen and auto calibrates. The scan mode allows precise detection up to 75mm for ferrous metal and 38mm of non-ferrous metal.

Adding to the overall ease of use is the soft grip and ergonomic design of all sensors in the range. To see the products in action and compare their features to see which would be best for the task in hand,Stanley Stud Sensors

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