Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower – Ideal For All

Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower – Ideal For All
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Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower – Ideal For All

This year sees Triton Showers celebrate their 40th birthday and to mark this they are launching the T80Z Thermostatic Fast Fit electric shower, designed to be the ideal shower for installers and their customers.

The features of the original T80Z thermostatic shower have been combined into the new T80Z Fast Fit version. Boasting a generous footprint with a size and shape ideally suited to replace. With 8 water and 6 electrical entry points, a dual water inlet for easy right or left pipe connection and Triton’s Swing Fit terminal block, this electric shower has been designed to make the installation process quicker and easier.

The installation of the riser rail is also made easier with the upper fixing bracket being adjustable to cover existing screw holes.

New Dura-Flow heater technology has been incorporated into the unit which helps reduce the build-up of limescale by up to 80%, in turn extending the life of the shower. A removable Dura-Flow debris filter inside each water inlet protects the shower further. The large diameter, 5 position Dura-Flow shower head is easy to clean with its rub clean nozzles and removable spray plate.

Thermostatic temperature control means more precise and safer showering, making this shower ideal for use in a family home.

Available in a stylish white & chrome finish in 8.5kw, 9.5kw and 10.5kw, this Fast Fit shower seems to be ticking all the boxes whether that be for a new installation or a replacement.