Monarch "Treating Your Hard Water Well " - Water Treatment

Monarch "Treating Your Hard Water Well " - Water Treatment
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Monarch "Treating Your Hard Water Well " - Water Treatment

Hard Water Areas!

Research in the UK shows although 60% of the UK suffers from the adverse effects of limescale, only around 8% of hard water homes have products in place to tackle the problems it causes.
Hard water can have a significant financial impact on households, which is why installers should encourage customers to invest in products to combat limescale.

Many householders will be unaware that a build-up of limescale inside pipes and on heating elements within their home will be costing them a pretty penny.
The more limescale inside a home’s heating and hot water system, the more energy will be needed to get the water to temperature. In fact, according to British Water, just a 1.6mm build-up of scale on a heating element reduces its efficiency by 12% and 3mm of scale makes it nearly 25% less efficient. This means the systems will cost more to run as they first need to heat the scale before they can start to heat the water.

There are many different ways to help aid and reduce the build-up of limescale, Water Treament  is the biggest way to help this by simply fitting a water softener  as not only could this save you around £550 a year on hard water this can also save you around or up to 24% just because it has soften your water by removing the scale from the hard water. 

Also, by fitting a water softener it will keep household appliances in a better "Showroom" condition and prolong the protection on them.



Another way to help stop the build up and reduce scale is by having a Monarch Scaleout ,  What's a Scaleout I hear you ask? Well....

A Monarch Scaleout XP, is next best thing to a water softener introduces its new advanced technology which is the only limescale control device to permanently remove and prevent the damage caused by hard water.

Whilst reducing the impact of scale it is now more powerful in its performance and protection to remove existing scale and prevent new scale forming, is compact and easily installed, uses no electricity and is the only scale inhibitor giving permanent treatment.

With Monarch's Scaleout XP the quality of the drinking water is not affected. During the limescale prevention process, no minerals or magnesium are removed. It is safe to drink all day, every day and you can do so with the after thought that your drinking water that has had a lot of the harmful minerals and scale removed.



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