Top 10 Irwin Tools Every Tradesman Should Have

Top 10 Irwin Tools Every Tradesman Should Have
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Top 10 Irwin Tools Every Tradesman Should Have

1 – Jack 880 Universal Hand Saw
This saw offers speed of cut, precision and comfort. The water based lacquer on the blade gives it four times better rust protection than traditional lacquer. The blade is high quality C75 steel with universal triple ground hardened teeth meaning it is more durable. With a light and strong ultra-sonic welded soft grip handle, the saw is easy to use and has a finger rest for maximum control

2 – Vise Grip Curved Jaw Locking Pliers
Self-energising lower jaw provides three times more gripping power, with no slipping or stripping on any style nut or bolt head. Locks on instantly and releases quickly. These pliers can be adjusted to various sizes.

3 – Utility Folding Knife
The Bladelock Technology of this knife improves safety. The quick change mechanism allows the user to save time when loading a new bi metal blade. An anchored belt clip allows the knife to be easily accessible.

4 – Quick Grip XP One Handed Clamp
The clamp offers “Xtreme Pressure” which is two times greater than all of its competitors, it can sustain pressure of up to 250kg. A tool-free quick change function allows the jaws to be reversed to perform a spreading action. Features longer length jaws with a unique swivelling action to keep constant pressure on uneven surfaces. They also have a bar rest to allow you to place larger items in the clamping jaws hands-free.

Irwin Quick Grip Clamps

5 – Cordless Multi Drill Bit Set 7 Piece
Designed for cordless low RPM multi-purpose drilling. Produces between 90-129% more holes per battery charge than leading competitors. Four-facet ground carbide tip for lower drilling pressure and better centring. Suitable for a range of materials include – Brickwork, Ceramic Tiles, Breeze Block, Wood, Dry Wall, Gypsum Board, Limestone, Slate, Marble, Eternite, Plastics/Reinforced Plastics

6 – Junior Mini Hacksaw
Built to meet the professional’s demanding needs. The durable frame make cutting quick and easy. The large contoured handle and blade tensioning screw provide more control and better performance than a standard junior hacksaw.

 7 – Vise Grip Combination Pliers
Complete with the comfort of moulded pull resistant handles. Chromium nickel steel improves durability on the gripping and cutting face. Engineered with induction hardened cutting face so it stays sharp for longer. Can cut up to 1.6mm cables.

Irwin Vise Grip Pliers

8 – Blue Groove 6X Wood Boring Bits
A woodboring bit offering 6 x faster penetration than a standard flat bit. Fully heat treated for extra durability. The Tri-flute tapered flute design gives faster chip ejection and less binding during use. ‘Break out’ is reduced due to the cutting spurs.

9 – Folding Hex & Torx Key Set
Ergonomic rubber grip for great comfort and ease of use. Keys are manufactured from black oxide chrome vanadium steel. Housed in a high resistance, poliamide and fibreglass handle for added strength.

10 – Pro Tool Organiser
The perfect way to keep items 1 to 9 safely stored. Professional end-users have high demands for their tools. Made of tough wear resistant plastic with reinforced rivets for added strength and durability. False bottom provides separate storage which is ideal for holding project plans or other small tools.

Irwin manufactures a large range of tools, check out the full range available with Buyaparcel.

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