Tapworks NSC PRO Water Softener Range - Meet the Family

Tapworks NSC PRO Water Softener Range - Meet the Family
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Tapworks NSC PRO Water Softener Range - Meet the Family

Unbeatable value and superb quality are just two of the reasons why Tapworks water softeners have been installed in homes across the UK. Over 90 Years designing and manufacturing high quality products, advice and solutions you can trust. Tapworks is a brand owned by one of the largest producers in the world of automatic water softeners and in-house manufacturer of softeners for domestic use since 1925 – experience and knowledge you
can trust!

Tapworks have been a leading brand in the water softener sector for many years but have recently posted changes to their domestic offering.

Introducing the Tapworks NSC PRO range. The New NSC range is conveniently sized to fit in a kitchen cupboard and suitable for all sizes of home – for maximum efficiency and constant flow rates. 

Tapworks NSC

Tapworks Ultra9 Water Softener - Replaced with Tapworks NSC9PRO Water Softener (1-5 People)
Tapworks AD11 Water Softener - Replaced with Tapworks NSC11PRO Water Softener (1-7 People)
Tapworks Infinity / AD15 Water Softener - Replaced with Tapworks NSC14PRO Water Softener (1-9 People)
Tapworks NSC40 UD1 Water Softener - Replaced with Tapworks NSC4218 Water Softener (9+ People)

Tapworks Water softeners include a PRO EasyFit all-in-one kit as standard in the box! Installing a Tapworks water softener is now even easier!

Tapworks PRO EasyFit all-in-one kit

All you need in one box – bypass and hoses included
EasyFit installation kit suitable for 15mm and 22mm plumbing.
Clip the integrated bypass to the softener.
Push-fit 500mm high fl ow hoses connect to the plumbing.

How does a Tapworks water softener work?

A Tapworks water softener extracts the hard minerals from the water in your home, which means you experience truly softened water. It’s a simple scientific process... inside the water softener is a vessel of resin beads; as water flows through the beads, they extract the hard minerals and replace them with harmless sodium ions. Once the resin beads are covered with hard minerals the water softener automatically flushes the deposits away to drain, using a concentrated brine solution. The resin beads are left refreshed and ready to make more soft water. This simple process and Tapworks’ clever technology means you always have soft water on demand.

Why buy a Tapworks water softener?

Designed for efficiency - Tapworks units are metered water softeners. Tapworks technology eliminates waste and inefficiency and proportional regeneration process means Tapworks water softeners are up to 32% cheaper to run than alternative water softeners.

Proven reliability - Designed for reliability, Tapworks single resin tank design uses a minimum number of moving parts and because Tapworks softeners are sized to a home’s water usage they work effi ciently and minimise wear and tear.

Designed for modern plumbing systems - Tapworks high flow water softeners are designed to produce the water flow required by today’s modern plumbing and heating systems.

Easy to install - Fitted on the mains water supply Tapworks softeners are easy to install and suitable for both 15mm and 22mm plumbing. Easy to maintain Tapworks water softeners are automatic, all you need to do is occasionally top them up with tablet salt. Tablet salt is far cheaper and more readily available than the alternative block salt.

Peace of mind - All Tapworks softeners come with comprehensive warranties and with the peace of mind of the back-up of our own technicians and exceptional after sales service. 

Substantial warranties:
2 years parts warranty
2 years labour warranty
10-year warranty on resin vessel

Incredibly, an average family could be spending at least £60 a year more to run a block salt water softener!

Your Tapworks Water Softener questions answered!

Q: Does my tapworks water softener have to go in the kitchen?
Where possible the water softener should be sited close to the rising main, allowing for any required hard water draw off points, i.e. drinking tap and
outside tap. In addition, the distance from the softener to the drain should be kept as short as possible. It is possible to site the water softener in the garage or even outside.

Q: Can you drink softened water?
Softening water slightly increases the amount of sodium in the water. Typically a glass of softened water will contain about 50mg of sodium. A slice of brown bread contains around 200mg.

Q: Must there be a hard water drinking tap when you install a water softener?
Water Authority bylaws currently state that a hard water drinking tap is always recommended. You can install an in-line drinking water tap or a tri-flo drinking water tap. However, where the water hardness is below 400ppm calcium carbonate there is NO mandatory requirement for a separate hard water drinking tap, because softened water complies with the drinking water regulations.

In Line Drinking Water Tap

Q: Can I fit a water softener if I have a combination boiler or megaflow heating system?
Yes. Tapworks water softeners can easily meet the water flow required by unvented or direct feed systems.

Q: Will existing scale be removed from the pipework when a water softener is installed?
Yes, by fitting a water softener, over time scale will be removed from your existing pipework.

Q: How much salt will the water softener use?
It depends on how much soft water you are using, but as a guide, an average family will probably use about 6 bags of tablet salt a year.

Q: I suffer from dry skin, will softened water help?
Anecdotal evidence shows that people with dry skin conditions show an improvement when using softened water.

Q: Will I save money with softened water?
Softened water will save you money in several ways. Less scale in your pipework, heating system and appliances means they work a lot more efficiently. It is common that a water softener can save you up to 15% on your heating and hot water bills. You will use less cleaning products, and bathing and laundry products can be reduced by up to 50%.



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