Stanley Launch New Measuring Tools

Stanley Launch New Measuring Tools
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Stanley Launch New Measuring Tools

After the success of Stanley’s special edition 50th anniversary Gold Powerlock 5m tape measure 0-33-361, Stanley have launched 4 more measuring and layout tools for every tradesman to add to his collection.

First off we have the Stanley mini chalk line 0-47-147. It is compact in size yet light and durable. Fitted with a 3:1 rewind gear ratio meaning the line retracts 3 times faster than a standard 1:1 reel.

Next up is the handy 2m keychain tape measure 1-33-856. Small and compact but with all the features you could want from any of the larger Stanley tapes.

Then comes the Cubix self-levelling cross line laser level 1-77-340. Includes multiple bracket mounting points for maximum flexibility.

Finally the Cube cross line laser including the 90° pendulum mounted laser. This model is self-correcting up to 4° with an out of level indicator.

Add to your Stanley measuring range with these great new products.

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