Stanley Introduce The Innovative Folding Chisel

Stanley Introduce The Innovative Folding Chisel
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Stanley Introduce The Innovative Folding Chisel

The leading hand tools manufacturer, Stanley, is once again paving the way in innovation with this tool which is set to become a toolbox essential. I know what my first thought was, a chisel is solid and built to be hammered so why on earth would we want one that has a 2 piece handle and could potentially weaken it?

Well…It encompasses a 25mm carbon steel blade, the most popular size blade amongst tradesman in a composite body. It uses a butterfly action to split the handle into two separate parts lengthwise when not in use. The sections fold upwards and completely encase and protect the blade and allowing it to be carried safely in the pocket – no need to search around for the plastic protective end cap. 

STA016145 Folding Chisel

The Stanley Folding Chisel FMHT0-16145 also features interlocking slots that prevent movement when the handles are struck and is built with a steel strike cap on the end, making it perfect for a variety of jobs and even more durable.

For those of you that work relatively mobile across one or many sites and like to travel light, this really is a great bit of kit. Not only does the covered blade on the 0-16-145 mean an end to torn pockets and scratched skin but it means the blade edge will remain sharper for longer, reducing the time spent needing to re sharpen.

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