Save Time With The Makita DC18RD Twin Charger

Save Time With The Makita DC18RD Twin Charger
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Save Time With The Makita DC18RD Twin Charger

We may be nearing the end of year of Makita’s 100th anniversary but this doesn’t mean there is no news for us to bring you on Makita’s brilliant innovations.

With us all leading busy lives whether that be with work or home life, time saving products are very much sought after. This combined with the expansion of Makita’s 36v power tools using two 18v batteries, there has never been a more vital item than the Makita DC18RD dual port charger.

The new Makita charger is capable of charging two Makita 18v lithium ion batteries simultaneously. The twin port charger takes just 22 minutes to fully charge two 18v 3.0AH BL1830 batteries and just 36 minutes for two 18v 4.0Ah BL1840 batteries.

With an LED charging display, and full charge audible alert, the Makita DC18RD fast charger has a useful USB port to charge your smart phone, a forced cooling system for battery protection and a built-in electronic current limiter for overload protection.

A great time saving and affordable addition to any Makita tool kit.

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Eric Worrall
What’s the difference between the Makita DC18RD & the DC18SH?