Salamander Pumps Launch New RP Pump

Salamander Pumps Launch New RP Pump
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Salamander Pumps Launch New RP Pump

Salamander Pumps has re-engineered its centrifugal range of shower, bathroom and whole house pumps, launching them under the new Right Pump
label, which includes the quietest pump in the UK, and delivering a host of new benefits.

The new Right Pump range replaces the company’s former ESP, RHP, RSP and RGP range, and much of the redevelopment has been done in response to
installer feedback, in line with Salamander’s focus on listening to its customers.

The new benefits include a reduction in noise, the use of crossover technology to allow the former RSP ‘shower only’ pumps to power the whole house, and the inclusion of a ‘spiders’ web’ design to strengthen the plastic end caps to further enhance strength, rigidity and reliability.

Independent testing has shown that the Salamander RP50PT Shower Pump is the quietest twin ended plastic shower pump that is available on the UK market. On the universal variants of its Right Pumps the company has also improved the electronic system protection which guards the pump against damage. The launch of the new Right Pump range reinforces Salamander’s reputation for manufacturing some of the quietest and most reliable pumps on the

The new Salamander Right Pump RP range launches at PHEX on 17 May in London. 

Salamander’s technical director Gareth Richards said: “Our research and development team have spent over five years overhauling the product range,
developing cutting edge technologies that are new to the pump market, and combining that knowledge with feedback from installers and householders.

“Some of our customer data showed that having such a wide range of pumps was making it more difficult to choose the right pump for the job, so the
launch of Right Pump means a simplified range with clearer product names to help installers. It also involves advanced technology incorporated into every product, and a new look that is more in keeping with our brand and modern product design.

“Essentially we are delivering upgraded pumps at the same price, but with added functionality. “Whether the need is to power a single shower or a whole house, there is now a Right Pump to solve the problem.”

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Installed a CT50 recently with a anti vibration mat and it does actually make a difference!