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No Salt Water Softener – Monarch Scaleout is Born

No Salt Water Softener – Monarch Scaleout is Born
By Lauren
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No Salt Water Softener – Monarch Scaleout is Born

Monarch Scaleout

Monarch Water have officially launched a new breed of Water Softeners to add to the already very popular Monarch Ultimate Series, Plumbsoft Non Electric and Gold Series range. Monarch Waters new range of water softeners is very different to anything else which is currently in the market – It requires No Water Softener Salt Tablets Needed , No Electricity, has no need to Regenerate and the water is totally drinkable.

Introducing the Monarch Scaleout.

Monarch Water, as the UK’s leading and largest water softener manufacturer are pleased to confirm successful extensive tests in what Monarch believe is the most single and biggest advancement in water softening in over 100 years. 

Monarch acknowledge possibly more than anyone the need to produce reliable, high quality equipment. Monarch Water Softeners have the highest flow rates, the lowest pressure drop, the longest guarantees and arguably the highest reliability rate (99.4% on last 1000 produced) of nearly every softener available in the UK.

Why then I hear you ask are we launching the Monarch Scaleout salt less water Softener?

Detailed research carried out by Monarch Water over the last 2 years, found that only around 1-2 homes in every 1000 you drive past on your way home tonight will purchase a new standard Salt based water softener this year. This leaves an incredible opportunity of approx. 10 million owner occupied homes in hard water areas that need protection against scale.

The research carried out by Monarch Water also showed that people who have experienced the benefits of a salt based water softeners will continue to do so, through either a replacement sale or when they move home etc.

There are currently around 500,000 salt based softeners installed in the UK which will need replacing over a period of time. That’s why as the UK’s No 1 Water Softener Brand, Monarch Water are already working on a new range of salt based softeners based around the proven reliability of their existing models.

Scaleout Comparison

To put the Monarch Scaleout in its place compared to the the most popular Water Softener in Monarch Waters Ultimate Series, the Monarch Midi it will give a better understanding of where the Scaleout No Salt Water Softener can be used instead of a traditional Salt based Water Softene.r

If we take the Monarch Midi Water Softener (a salt based softener) is the equivalent to a 5 star product, there is a massive marketplace of people who are looking to enjoy nearly every benefit of soft water, but through a 4 star product. This is where the Monarch Scaleout Soft-No-R. (Soft with-No-Regeneration) comes into play. The The Scaleout Soft-No-R offers nearly every benefit of a traditional water softener.

The key benefits over a water softener being…

The Water is totally drinkable – no need to install a Triflow Water Filter Tap – or an Inline Water Tap

No Electricity is required – it is a totally non electric water softener

No Regeneration

No Salt is used at any time – this makes the unit very unique being one of the only No Salt Water Softeners available in the UK

PH Stability – The Soft water is ideal for all types of central heating systems – including boilers with stainless steel or aluminium heat exchanges

What does a Salt Based Water Softener (Monarch Midi for example) give you that the Monarch Scaleout doesnt..
100% Soft water – The Monarch Scaleout only displaces the Calcium from the water – but the water retains the magnesium hence why the water is still drinkable. This is not the case with a traditional Water Softener which works on an ion exchange with the sodium ions displacing the Magnesium and Calcium in the water. As Calcium is the main culprit of the build up of scale the Monarch Scaleout still delivers soft water but with the benefit of being drinkable.

Lifespan – The magic ingredient in the Monarch Scaleout Water softemer is the unique PH stable resin. Unlike the standard resin beads that you get in a conventional water softener the resin only has a life expectancy of around 3 to 5 years. Although replacement resin packs can be supplied and easily DIY changed or Monarch Water can offer a full exchange service.

Choosing the correct unit

Choosing your Monarch Scaleout unit is very different from selecting a conventional salt based water softener. For the Scaleout you will need to find out the hardness of the water in your area prior to purchasing your No Salt Water Softener. Any homes which have a water hardness of over 480 PPM (parts per million) will have to opt for the + versions of the scaleout unit, which do come at a premium compared to units for homes which have a hardness of less than 480ppm. If you are not sure of the hardness of your water you can check using a water hardness test strip or by contacting your local water board.

There are 8 main units in the Monarch Scaleout Range – 4 are for homes with a water hardness of less than 480ppm and 4 are for over 480ppm. A Scaleout 1″ upgrade is also available on all the units should it be required.

10 years ago