MX QI Electric Showers – The Perfect Replacement

MX QI Electric Showers – The Perfect Replacement
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MX QI Electric Showers – The Perfect Replacement

The new MX QI electric showers have 8 different water entry points making them a suitable replacement for all previous MX Electric Showers and Neptune Electric Showers. Multiple entry points create simple yet effective installation.

The MX QI Showers are wired for both left and right hand wiring terminals which ensures any existing cable will reach the connections. The detachable corner units allow for easy plumbing access.

The plumbing will allow for push fit or compression fittings.

A large amount of time has been focused on making this range of showers suitable for retro fitting many other units. The design of the units has not been forgotten about.

The new MX QI showers have a specifically designed rectangular tank to allow for a slimmer unit and the curved front cover accentuates this.

Not sure which MX QI shower will replace you existing unit? Take a look below

MX QI (GCA) Options Solo will replace MX Neptune Exotic GL3 Electric Showers and MX Neptune Solo GL1. Electric Showers
MX QI Options Solo features 1 eco setting and is the first choice for a first installation or a replacement unit.

MX QI Duo (GCE, GCD, GCF) will replace MX Duo LX & LXI Electric Showers and MX Neptune Exotic Electric Showers
MX QI Duo showers feature full temperature stabilisation, 2 eco settings and high temperature cut out.

MX QI Inspiration (GCJ, GCK, GCL) will replace MX Inspiration LX & Inspiration LXI Electric Showers
MX QI Inspiration showers have a minimalistic sleek design. With push features you can select the intensity of your showering experience. They feature a low pressure warning indicator and phased shutdown.

Mx Replacement

MX QI Replacement

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Bella lauriix
MX QI Electric Showers are one of the best electric showers present in the market. This model is very beautiful and had amazing features with pressure control.