Makita Expands Compact And Powerful 10.8V Lithium-Ion Range

Makita Expands Compact And Powerful 10.8V Lithium-Ion Range
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Makita Expands Compact And Powerful 10.8V Lithium-Ion Range

The Makita 18v Li-ion range has set the industry standard for performance and rugged reliability in the toughest site operations and a complimentary range of equally robust yet more compact-size tools are in demand. These are ideal for such tasks as kitchen and bathroom installations and other projects where access is limited. The exceptional running time provided by these Makita 10.8v tools is longer than similar voltage Ni-Cad or Ni-MH batteries and with a swift 50-minute recharge time these cells provide power and extended operation.

A new jigsaw, reciprocating saw, tile cutter and even a compact site radio, join the range which includes drill drivers, impact driver, impact wrench, 85mm circular saw and vacuum cleaner. 

The new Makita JV100 10.8v Lithium-ion jigsaw will cut 65mm in timber and 2mm in mild steel. With an 18mm stroke length and up to 2,400 strokes per minute and three orbital and one straight cut blade operating mode selected by a body side lever, this is a full feature jigsaw that weighs only 1.7kgs and measures just 196mm from the top of the soft-grip handle to the base-plate and 231mm from front to rear. The rigid aluminium base-plate bevels from 0° to 45°, both left and right. The useful dust blower feature from Makita’s 18v range is incorporated to keep the cutting line clear and visible and a dust extraction connection is provided. This compact and powerful jigsaw will be very useful in many installation operations.

The new Makita JR100D and JR102D 10.8v reciprocating saws expand on the “easy access” principle by providing two operating switch alternatives on one tool. The normal rubberised non-slip pistol grip has the traditional variable speed trigger switch but for very tight access operations a paddle switch on the tool body only requires the operator to get his hand around the body to hold it in position and squeeze the paddle switch. This is a really useful limited-access option. With a 13mm stroke and up to 3,300spm the Makita JR100D will cut a 50mm diameter steel pipe which is ideal for all plumbing installation work on site. Tool-less blade change is a feature of the JR100D recip saw while the JR102D also uses jigsaw blades, again offering integrated product compatibility.

The new Makita CC300D tile and glass cutter is just 300mm long and tips the scales at 1.7kg. The 85mm diamond blade will run up to 1,400rpm providing a 25.5mm depth of cut at 90° and 16.5mm cut at 45°. Dust suppression is by a 300ml easy-fill water canister whilst the nickel-plated base plate resists rust.

Maintaining the compact and robust philosophy of the 10.8v range is the new Makita MR051 site radio with two 1.5 watt speakers and full AM and FM ranges, push-button or manual tuning and full-volume run time of two hours. This 0.5kg sound system has an earphone jack plug and MP3 input connection.

All 10.8v Makita tools are available in “body only” format for operators who already have sufficient battery cells, or are supplied complete with two 1.3Ah BL1013 Li-ion cells, DC10WA fast charger and carry case. Compact and powerful, the Makita 10.8v range is set to establish new standards for limited-access tool operations.

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