Makita Brushless: Less Friction, More Torque

Makita Brushless: Less Friction, More Torque
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Makita Brushless: Less Friction, More Torque

The Makita range of brushless motor 18V tools includes cordless drills, drivers, cutters, grinders, planers, sanders and saws. The Makita Brushless BL motors replace the carbon brushes of a conventional motor with electromagnets that drive the tool, providing a smoother, more consistent and more efficient delivery of power from the motor.

So what are the benefits of your tool having a brushless motor? 

Longer Run Times
By eliminating the friction of the brushes on the coil, brushless motors significantly reduce energy lost as heat and produce greater torque compared with the brushed equivalent. This means less power is required to achieve the same result, extending run times by between 30% and 50% on each battery charge. Thanks to the very efficient energy production, work amount on a single full battery charge is increased. The life-time work amount of a battery is increased, reducing the battery cost.

Better Peformance
Makita’s electronically-controlled brushless motor efficiently matches torque and RPM to the changing demands of the application to ensure optimum performance.

Longer Tool Life
With fewer moving parts, less wear and significantly reduced heat production the Makita BL range of tools can last up to twice as long. Even where the tools are used for extended periods of time, users don’t need to be concerned about the tool overheating. The higher torque adds to the motors efficiency and extends the products overall lifetime as maintenance becomes less of an issue.

Lighter & More Compact
The precision engineered Makita BL motors from also allow the tools to be lighter and more compact when compared with those that include brushed motors. This makes the tools easier and more comfortable to use as well as reducing muscle fatigue.