Hozelock - Watering Made Easy

Hozelock - Watering Made Easy
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Hozelock - Watering Made Easy

With the warmer weather approaching quickly we will all be starting to think about watering our plants and keeping them in bloom all summer. With Hozelock Automatic Watering, keeping your plants thirst quenched couldn’t be easier.

Automatic watering takes water from the tap to your plants using a simple network of narrow pipes and outlets hidden in your garden. This saves water, time and keeps you plants watered even while you are away. This can be controlled manually by a Hozelock water timer.

The ABC Hozelock Auto Watering system is made up of three simple steps:
Hozelock Auto Watering Guide
A – Tap. The tap connection is vital as it connects the system to the mains water supply. It is best to use a pressure reducer to ensure the best performance. Hozelock’s water timers are battery powered and simply screw on to an outside tap.
B – Pipeline. Use elbows, t-pieces and joiners to make up the network of 13mm supply tube to carry the water around the garden. Wall clips and stakes will secure the pipe in place. The 4mm micro tubing takes the water from the supply tube to the plants.
C – Drippers. The selection of drippers and micro jets will distribute the water to your plants. The table below shows you which ones are best for your needs.

You can make up you Hozelock irrigation system piece by piece to make it specific to you. Alternatively Hozelock have a selection of Automatic Watering Kits which work as a great introduction to micro irrigation, or as a basis to build from.

Take the hassle out of looking after your plants this summer.

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