Grohe Tempesta 100 Electric Shower – Raising The Bar

Grohe Tempesta 100 Electric Shower – Raising The Bar
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Grohe Tempesta 100 Electric Shower – Raising The Bar

Grohe is taking the electric shower market by storm with their new Grohe Tempesta 100 pressure stabilized electric shower.

Let us give you a quick reminder of what an electric shower is. It does not need a hot water connection; the cold water is supplied directly from the mains. This means an electric shower is suitable for any water system and you can shower any time, even if your boiler breaks down!

Grohe have produced these new Tempesta 100 showers in three striking colours to match any bathroom, night time grey, natural sandstone and frosted granite.

They have also packed in a number of innovative features to bring the Grohe showering experience to an everyday shower including:
• Grohe Dreamspray – Creates powerful and evenly dispersed water flow resulting in an invigorating and refreshing shower.
• Multiple spray patterns – Jet spray, rain spray and smart rain spray.
• Grohe Starlight – long lasting chrome surface is designed to be scratch resistant keeping the item looking brand new for many years.grohequickfix
• Grohe Quickfix – In both the unit and riser rail. This cuts installations time by up to 50%. The rail can be adjusted from 470mm to 620mm to fit existing screw holes.
• Multiple Entry Points – 6 power and 8 water entry points allow maximum flexibility, ideal for new build or replacement.
• Speed Clean – Limescale can be removed with a single wipe.
• Shockproof – Anti-slip silicone ring helps prevent damage.
• Safe Stop – A thermal cut out switches off the heater should the water temperature become too hot.
• Cool Touch – This technology ensures the shower handle never gets hot.

Grohe believes that form and function must work perfectly together to create a product that offers outstanding performance and quality. These features are individually great, combined together they produce a durable, visually stunning and ergonomically friendly shower unit which we are excited to add to our electric shower range.