Graham Brinded

Graham Brinded
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Graham Brinded

This Friday, 11th November we will be fully closed, meaning there will be no despatching of any orders and no customer support. Any orders placed After 3pm Thursday will be despatched Saturday 12th (if next day selected) or Monday 14th November.

We are doing this in memory of our wonderful colleague and friend Graham Brinded who sadly passed away last month. The funeral is on the 11th and so we are closed so all staff can attend.

Graham has worked at Godfreys for a long time – starting at the original Godfreys company in 1984. Full of intellect and humour, Graham was able to find something to connect to everyone who he worked with, be it football, rock music, gaming or current affairs. In recent years, Graham has been the staff member with the longest continuous service and in all those years, has helped dozens of colleagues to feel at ease and grasp their role.

Graham was one of life’s characters, and many staff, suppliers and customers old and new will have fond memories of events that happened throughout the years – from interactions with customers on the trade counter, to keeping everyone’s spirits up in the Warehouse, even if inside Graham wasn’t always in a happy place – his humour would still be there.

Its hard to imagine a Godfreys without Graham, he really was part of the essence of the company. Throughout various moves to different buildings and several branding changes over the years, Graham was a constant in an ever-evolving organisation and is woven into almost every page of the Godfreys story, having been there in the early days right up to now.

The staff and directors thank Graham for his friendship and service and our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. We will never forget you Graham or the contribution you made to us personally and professionally.

All Leeds, Aren't We.

Buyaparcel / Godfreys will resume business on Saturday 12th November.