Freud Circular Saw Blade Innovation

Freud Circular Saw Blade Innovation
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Freud Circular Saw Blade Innovation

Here at Buyaparcel we have been stocking Freud blades for some time now. So in case you weren’t aware, or it had slipped your mind, we wanted to let you know what makes Freud blades so special.

1. Freud saw blades are made of high strength steel meaning the blade remains flat and true even after years of use.
2. The laser cut expansion slots reduce the noise when in use, allow the blade to expand and contract and prevents the blade warping.
3. The blade itself is also laser cut providing a thinner, harder saw blade that cuts faster and cleaner.
4. Teflon coating guarantees less working friction and less resin adhesion while preventing rust developing.
5. Super Micrograin Carbide is specifically designed and manufactured by Freud for the woodworking industry to maintain a sharp edge.
6. The blade body is tensioned by computer controlled equipment. This ensures the blade remains flat throughout its life time.
7. The kickback reducing shoulder designs restricts the tooth bite to 1.1mm, reducing the kickback effects from over feeding.
8. Tri-Metal brazing for impact resistant tips. Sandwiching copper between two layers of silver alloy creates a strong bond between carbide and blade. This allows the tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability.

Freud Pro is the first choice in saw blades of professional tradesman. Try one for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

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