Bosch Electronic Rotation Control Prevent Kick-Back

Bosch Electronic Rotation Control Prevent Kick-Back
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Bosch Electronic Rotation Control Prevent Kick-Back

We have all experienced kick back from our drill when it doesn’t quite have the power to drill through your required material or your drill bit gets caught on something like an unseen screw.

Drill kickback may just cause you some frustration but when the tool rotates hard and unexpectedly it can cause much worse issues including broken wrists or arms or even throw you from a ladder.

Bosch have introduced Electronic Rotation Control (ERC) to six of their cordless drills/combis to prevent this and allow you full control when screwdriving or drilling. This technology will be found in their GSR & GSB Robust Series 14.4v & 18v.

How does ERC work? It manages the rotation of the drill, limiting the rotary movement. This system has an integrated sensor which detects sudden movement and jamming during use. Should this happen, the sensor cuts the power to the motor and immediately shuts it down to prevent injury to you or damage to the tool.

Bosch have also designed a new auxiliary handle to work in partnership with ERC. Having a secure grip on an auxiliary handle along with the primary grip can significantly increase your ability to withstand kickback and drill counter-rotation. The new design has an innovative fixing of the handle: just behind the tools torque adjustment ring. It has a profiled collar that can be quickly and tightly clamped in any of 23 different angle positions.

This kick back reducing technology is a great innovation. This combined with the new auxiliary handle design make their new drills especially comfortable to use and easy to control, even in the toughest drilling and screwdriving applications.

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