Bosch Break The 4.0Ah Barrier

Bosch Break The 4.0Ah Barrier
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Bosch Break The 4.0Ah Barrier

Bosch have now added the 5.0ah Coolpack battery to their 18v range of blue power tools.

Recent times have seen brands introduce their 4.0Ah batteries to the market, Bosch have taken one step ahead with their GBA 18v 5.0Ah Li-ion battery. Stock will be landing any day now! It will provide up to 25% longer run time than the 4.0Ah without increase the size or weight of the battery.

They are compatible with all Bosch blue tools and chargers that charge the 4.0 & 3.0Ah Cool Pack batteries. They offer up to 100% longer life than those without Cool Pack technology.

What is the benefit of CoolPack technology? As we all know, when a power tool is used for extended periods of time, the battery can become very warm. The efficient cooling technology in and around the Bosch battery prevents heat damage giving up to 65% longer run time. The 5.0Ah Cool Pack cells have finer “windings” than 3.0Ah allowing more power density in the same size with less electrical resistance, making it more efficient.

Bosch Cool Pack

All this technical talk, just give me the facts! With this Bosch 5.0Ah battery you will be getting the lightest and smallest 5.0Ah battery on the market that charges in the quickest time. There would be no need to change/charge your battery packs so often – you can get more run time out of each battery charge & the overall life of the battery will be longer.

The 4.0Ah barrier has been broken down previously by Metabo and Panasonic. Now Bosch have joined the party, who will be next?

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