Monarch Ultimate Electric Range 

The Ultimate electric range from Monarch proves to be the UK's best-selling softener range!
They have the highest flow rates of any softener available - up to 83 Litres per minute!

With market leading technology and the latest efficient perfomance, the new ultimate range now have a 46% greater capacity, meaning a huge 24% water saving, whilst also reducing the amount of water tablet salt you use by around 56%.

These softeners cost less than £10 a year to run on electricity compared to £117 for a washing machine, £104 for a tumble dryer, £153 for a full-size dishwasher and £155 for a free-standing fridge freezer.

Monarch Water Softeners will give you luxury soft water and protect your household applicances from scale.

Water Softener installations are becoming more common with 60% of the UK living in hard water areas, limescale can be a real issue for many homeowners. Water becomes hard after passing through underground chalk beds containing calcium and magnesium, which clings to the water. Once these minerals are heated in kettles, showers, boilers, dishwasher and washing machines they turn to limescale which causes significant damage around the home.

It’s not just the visible signs of limescale that self-builders and homemakers need to consider, but the damage that they cannot see inside their pipes. According to British Water, just a 1.6mm coating of limescale on a heating element makes it up to 12% less effective and significantly decreases their working life. This also means they have to work harder costing more to run.

Hard water is estimated to be responsible for 70% of equipment failure, so tackling limescale build up in equipment with the additional of a Monarch Water softener is essential to prevent breakdowns of household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Investing in a water softener is the affordable solution to all the issues limescale causes. They can either be installed during the self-build process or retrofitted with ease. Not only will they prevent any limescale building up, but they will remove any that’s already there.

All Monarch Ultimate soteners are WRAS Approved which demonstrates quality and durability of the highest standard. 

The new Opti Brining , will now only regenerate the resin that has been used ! 

Opti-Brining® is Monarch Water’s unique, new system to manage water within its next generation of HE water softeners. The intelligent Opti-Brining® component continuously monitors the softener’s activity and water usage, regenerating only when necessary, to save more water, salt and energy than previous generations. Opti-Brining® technology offers higher exchange capacity, higher flow rates and reduced water consumption during regeneration.With up to 46% greater capacity per regeneration than previous units for a truly sustainable future.

They come with a leading 7 year parts and 2 year warranty for complete peace of mind !

Includes a Hi-flow Rapid-Fit Bypass for easy installation

Monarch have also now included the Rapid-fit bypass as standard meaning the reducing components needed for imstatllion by upto 80%, so not only can you now have softener water quicker and easier, they can now save you time and money fitting! 

The Monarch HE range of water softeners all feature Monarch Water’s Rapid-Fit bypass which has reduced 85% of the components needed when installing a water softener. Available for 15mm, 22mm and 28mm supplies, the Rapid-Fit also has 3/8” connections for both hard and soft water tee points. It also features a 1” high flow check valve built into the body to comply with WRAS guidelines, giving an impressive flow rate of 80lpm. With Monarch Water’s Rapid-Fit bypass, installers simply connect the water in and out from the mains supply, then connect two hoses to the
softener for quick and easy installation.

   Reasons to have a Softener :

1.Easily fitting in your kitchen cupboard, a Monarch softener removes existingscale and keeps appliances protected.

2. Save up to £600 a year on hard water costs.

3. In just a few weeks, the scale will be gone from your kettle.

4. Keep your taps and sinks looking showroom new.

5. Dishwasher protection and cleaner looking dishes.

6. Hospital studies point to soft water alleviating skin conditions such as eczema.

7. Better shaving experience.

8. Keeps your tiles, grout and shower screens free of limescale.

9. Increased life expectancy by using soft water for your boiler, hot water tankand all water using appliances.

10. Laundry will feel softer, fresher and cleaner.

11. Scale free boiler, with reduced energy bills as no scale to heat first.

12. Scale free hot water cylinder, with reduced energy bills as no scale to heat







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