Monarch Master HE FreeFlow Water Softener Ultimate Series 22mm Hoses Pressurised

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Monarch Master HE FreeFlow Water Softener - The next generation water softener with FreeFlow Valve and Opti-Brining technology making the Monarch HE ultimate range one of the most efficient water softeners on the market

This Monarch Master HE is supplied with a hi-flo installation kit - suitable for use with mains fed combination boilers fitted to a 15mm mains supply or pressurised, (unvented) systems, generally fitted to a 22mm main, but not exclusively.

The hi-flo Monarch installation kit includes the following

1 x Pair 3/4", inlet/outlet, Maxflow, heavy pattern, braided stainless, 600mm long hoses.
1 x Rapid fit hi-flow bypass for easy installation  
In addition to the installation kit and flexible hoses every Monarch Master water softener includes a complimentary water test kit.
For families of 1-7 people in hard water areas family size is based on allowing 142 litres per person per day

What are the advantages of the High Efficiency Monarch HE Master Water Softener?

- It has a higher flow rate than any other water softener in the UK - up to 78LPM.
- The lowest pressure drops of any water softeners in the UK.
- A Meter control water softener with proportional Opti-Brining as standard - only regenerates the resin that has been used.
- Greater exchange capacity - Unique HiEx resin with Opti-Brining®
- Easy install Hi-Flow, Rapid-Fit bypass as standard
- Sustainable Uses up to 24% less water and 12% less salt per annum
- Fast 8 minute mini top up regeneration
- Compact 28mm shorter
- Free flowvalve technology The highest flow rates with the lowest pressure drop
- UK specific Designed exclusively for the UK market

What is Monarch Opti-Brining?

Opti-Brining® is Monarch Water’s unique, new system to manage water within its next generation of HE water softeners. The intelligent Opti-Brining® component continuously monitors the softener’s activity and water usage, regenerating only when necessary, to save more water, salt and energy than previous generations. Opti-Brining® technology offers higher exchange capacity, higher flow rates and reduced water consumption during regeneration.With up to 46% greater capacity per regeneration than previous units for a truly sustainable future.

Includes a Hi-flow Rapid-Fit Bypass for easy installation

The Monarch HE range of water softeners all feature Monarch Water’s Rapid-Fit bypass which has reduced 85% of the components needed when installing a water softener. Available for 15mm, 22mm and 28mm supplies, the Rapid-Fit also has 3/8” connections for both hard and soft water tee points. It also features a 1” high flow check valve built into the body to comply with WRAS guidelines, giving an impressive flow rate of 78lpm. With Monarch Water’s Rapid-Fit bypass, installers simply connect the water in and out from the mains supply, then connect two hoses to the
softener for quick and easy installation.

Imagine a water softener that features all of this...

The highest flow rates of any softener available - up to 78 litres per minute
Easy view control panel with back lit display
Easy push button set up - only takes a few seconds
Unique Self Protect Programme that:
- Detects leaks in your plumbing system
- Delays regeneration until 2am
- Stores data in the event of a power cut
- Initiates an additional regeneration if ever required
- Learns and remembers your water usage patterns to make substantial savings on salt and water use
- Safe low voltage electronics via plug-in transformer - supplied
Meter Control with Opti-Brining® as standard – only regenerates the resin (food grade) that has been used
Opti-Brining® with HE resin. A winning combination giving up to:
- 46% greater capacity
- 24% less water use
- 56% salt saving over conventional softeners
CE Approvals
The UK's only softener range suitable for 15, 22 and 28mm supplies
Automatically adjusts to BST and GMT time changes

The Benefits of Soft Water

The installation of your Monarch Master will bring immediate benefits to both you and your water system.

As soon as you turn on the tap you will feel the luxury of soft water. Gone will be the days of using twice as much soap as necessary because with soft water the lather comes easily and lasts longer.

Your glasses and dishes dry spotless and there will be no need to put anymore salt in your dishwasher thanks to your Monarch Master.

The cost of washing powder shampoos soaps etc will be reduced by up to 50% and will truly prove beyond doubt that soft water saves you money.

You will see a difference in the time with a Monarch Master water softener spent cleaning baths sinks taps and shower screens. Never again will you return to find then covered in scale and scum the moment they are used with soft water baths stay bright taps sparkling.

Probably the most important benefit of soft water with a Monarch Master will be noticed in your hot water system. As soon as a Monarch Master water softener is installed it will begin to descale your system and increase its life expectancy. With no scale to heat first you immediately start to save on heating bills by up to 70%.

This pipe fitting was only 2 years old before it became blocked with scale. An average hardwater home builds up one sixteenth of an inch of scale per year (approx). Remember you have to heat the scale before you can heat the water. That's why scale costs you money.

Remember with Monarch Master soft water flowing through the system your taps and pipes will become scale free and with no hard water in your system fitments like your shower will run as new!

Why choose a Monarch Water Softener


There is something very special about a Monarch Master Water Softener the secret lies in the resin. It is the resin used that determines the quality of your soft water. Every model in the Monarch range uses a specially purified Food Grade Resin that guarantees you not only soft water but soft water of the highest quality.

Whilst reliability is important we believe space is also an important consideration and have endeavored to produce a water softener as compact as possible. From the slide-on rear cover to the high capacity resin vessels every Monarch Master water softener has been built without compromise. Also comes complete with a 1.5m cable so you can install your softener a fair distance away from a mains point.

All Monarch Master water softeners that we stock are meter controlled with the added features of a clock and their unique Self Protect Programme (SPP). They measure the water used and regenerate to individual household requirements. The intelligent chip and the clock ensures there is enough soft water available to delay the regeneration until 2am* a time when little if any water is being used.
*Time can be changed to suit individual requirements.

Peace of Mind
European regulations state that a minimum 2 year guarantee should be provided. With Monarch Master Water Softeners the guarantee is much much more. With the proven reliability of the Monarch Master they give an additional 5 years guarantee totally free of charge - giving you 7 years of total peace of mind. (Warranty is 7 years parts and NOW 2 year labour free of charge). Additional warranty is available at extra cost.

Monarch has been making water softeners for nearly 40 years and for the majority of them we have used the Autotrol control valve. This valve is arguably the most reliable there is with over 200 000 sold worldwide every year. Proven performance reliability and efficiency supported by our 7 year guarantee ensures that the Monarch Master Water Softener you choose is the ultimate water softener. 


Family size: 1 - 7 in very hard water areas
Solvent free Resin: 18 litres
Operation: Proportional opti-brining meter control
Salt use per regeneration: 1.6 - 2.7kg
Water use per regeneration: 90 Litres
At 300ppm, the approximate amount of soft water between regeneration is: 3.420 litres
Max Flow Rates - 78lpm*
Dimensions HxWxD: 710 x 275 x 485
*pressure drops: 25-lpm/0.25bar, 35-lpm/0.35bar, 50-lpm/0.65bar and 70-lpm/1.3bar.
If using Maxflow hoses please allow an extra 18mm to depth.
If using Ultraflow hosesfor 28mm applications, please allow an extra 25mm to depth.

Installation Requirements:
Water pressure: 1.5-5 bar
Operating temperature: 2-49°C
Electrical supply: 3-pin socket
Waste: Drain/overflow facility

EAN: 5055995561338

Tens of thousands of homes and businesses across the UK enjoy the benefit of a Monarch water softener.

Monarch Water Softeners have proven performance, reliability and efficiency supported by a 7-year guarantee* ensuring that the Monarch water softener is the right choice for your home.

Monarch Water Guarantee Details - for any faults with your Monarch Water Softener in its guarantee period call 01986 784759

Monarch Ultimate Series Water Softeners - Monarch Midi, Monarch Master, Monarch Mini Aqua

*7-Year parts and 2 year labour guarantee

Monarch Plumbsoft Solo and Solo Ultra - Non Electric Water Softener 

*7-Year parts and 2 year labour guarantee

Monarch Scaleout

3 Year Warranty

Inline / Triflo Taps - 1 year guarantee

If your particular model isn't listed above, your product is covered by a 1 year warranty.

For further information on the warranties on these products see the Monarch Water Softener website

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