Tacwise offer Europe's widest quality range of stapling and nailing products. They are a dominant brand and well respected from DIY to trade in stapling and nailing. Tacwise range of hand, electric and pneumatic tools is massive and has evolved over a 50 year period. 


Tacwise Pneumatic Air Tools Tacwise Corded Electric Tools

 Tacwise Airtools                                                           Tacwise Corded Tools

Tacwise Cordless Battery Tools Tacwise Hand Tools

Tacwise Cordless Tools                                                  Tacwise Hand Tools

Tacwise Nails Brads Staples Fixings Tacwise Glue Guns

Tacwise Fixings                                                               Tacwise Glue Guns

Tacwise, the fastening tools experts.

What ever the project, task or trade Tacwise have a tool for the job.



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