Triton Danzi Electric Showers

The Triton Danzi electric shower collection features five different spray patterns to truly customise your shower experience.
The phased shutdown safety feature makes it perfect for all the family, preventing unwanted bursts of hot water when first turning on the shower this is also making it safer and more comfortable for the next user, whilst also helping to prevent limescale build-up.
Easy to clean and easy to operate, this collection comes in gleaming gloss white or smart matt black to suit a modern bathroom.
The Triton Danzi is another "A" Efficient A energy rated shower meaning, water saving and cost saving.

This can also be retro fitted on some existing Triton models such as the : Aquasurge, Opal 3, Perea and Rosato models.

Triton Showers have added to the range the Danzi electric shower and diverter kit, to help installers deliver spa-style bathrooms but from an electric shower rather than a conventional mixer shower.

The Triton Danzi electric shower allows the user to divert water between a fixed overhanging rainfall shower head, typically found in luxury hotels and spas, and a five-spray shower head option.


Every Drop Makes a Difference

At Triton, we make showers. That’s nothing world-changing, but we’re trying to do our bit… You see, electric showers help you save water, save energy... and so save you money. Meaning you can enjoy every wash without worrying.




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