So How Does It Work ?

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The Salamander Gravity Booster CT Force range is designed to enhance water pressure in gravity-fed systems—those where water flows naturally due to gravity rather than being pressurized by a pump. Here are some key points about the CT Force pumps:

Robust Construction:
The CT Force pumps feature brass ends and brass impellers. This robust build ensures durability and reliability.
With a 5-year warranty, you can trust these pumps to perform consistently.

Quiet Operation:
Nobody wants a noisy pump disrupting their peaceful shower! The CT Force pumps are engineered to operate quietly, with noise levels starting from just 42 decibels (Quiet Marked). So, you can enjoy your shower without any unnecessary clatter.

Compact Design:
These pumps are designed to fit into tight spaces. Whether it’s a cramped cupboard or a small utility room, the CT Force won’t take up too much room.

Continuous Rating:
The motor in these pumps is continuously rated. That means it can run as long as necessary without overheating or causing any issues.

Patented Technology:
Salamander has incorporated unique patented technology into the CT Force range, enhancing its performance and efficiency

Universal (Negative Head) Pumps:
These pumps are suitable for gravity-fed systems where the natural flow rate of water is insufficient to provide adequate pressure.
CT Force Universal pumps come in various models:
CT Force 15 TU (1.5 Bar, Twin ), CT Force 20 TU (2.0 Bar, Twin ), CT Force 30 TU (3.0 Bar, Twin ), CT Force 20 SU (2.0 Bar), CT Force 30 SU (3.0 Bar, Single )
They can boost water pressure for showers, individual taps, bathrooms, and even the whole house.

Positive Head Pumps:
These pumps are specifically designed for gravity-fed systems with a positive head. In such systems, the natural flow rate is sufficient, but additional pressure is desired.
CT Force Positive Head pumps include:
CT Force 15 PT (1.5 Bar, Twin ), CT Force 20 PT (2.0 Bar, Twin ), CT Force 30 PT (3.0 Bar, Twin )
CT Force 20 PS (2.0 Bar, Single ) – Note: Not suitable for pumping against cold mains
CT Force 30 PS (3.0 Bar, Single ) – Note: Not suitable for pumping against cold mains
Remember, if your system doesn’t achieve the minimum flow rate required for positive head pumps (usually around 2 liters per minute from all relevant outlets), you’ll need a universal (negative head) pump instead. And vice versa!

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