Salamander Gravity Booster CT Force is built with robust brass ends and brass impellers, the CT Force range of high-quality, reliable pumps has been engineered to deliver increased water pressure to the shower, bathroom, or whole house in a gravity fed system.

CT Force Range
Robust brass ends and brass impeller ,5 year warranty, Compact in size for fitting into tight spaces,Extremely quiet - from 42dBA (Quiet Marked),Continuously rated motor - allowing the pump to run as long as it needs to,Unique patented technology.

A twin impeller shower pump is designed specifically to boost the pressure of both your hot and cold water supplies. One impeller drives the cold side and the other impeller drives the hot side, providing equal pressure for both supplies.

This range of twin and single brass ended shower and whole house pumps have both ends and impellers. They are the ideal option for boosting hot and/or cold water supplies to a wide range of shower types and heads, individual taps, cisterns and whole house appliances.

What is the difference between a positive and universal (negative head) shower pump?
A positive head system occurs when there is more than 600mm from the bottom of the cold water tank to highest point in the system.A negative head system occurs when the distance from the bottom of the cold water tank to the highest point in the system is less than 600mm.

Is my system suitable for a positive head pump?
A gravity fed system is either positive head or negative head, depending on the natural flow rate of the water in the home.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page to learn how to measure the water flow rate and discover when a positive head will work for the system.
If you are unable to achieve the minimum flow rate of 2 litres per minute from all hot or cold water outlets that are to be pumped, you will need to install a universal (negative head) pump.