Monarch Scaleout Advance

What are The Main Differences Between the Monarch Scaleout Advance and a Typical Water Softener?

Comparing the Scaleout Advance with a Monarch water softener (e.g. the class-leading Monarch Midi). If all ranges of Monarch Water Softeners were awarded a star rating for their performances, a Monarch salt based softener would enjoy a 5 star rating, as they produce every possible soft water benefit.
However, Monarch recognises that there is a sector of the public who are simply looking for a 4 star product that gives 24/7 protection against the damage caused by hard water scale. The Scaleout Advance range is perfect for those who are seeking an alternative and permanent solution to hard water problems outside of a conventional salt-based water softener alongside chlorine free water.

What are the Main Features of the Monarch Scaleout Advance

 Chlorine and scale-free water all around the home
 Premium filtered drinking water at every tap
 Enhanced safety with anti-microbial filter housing
 No electricity required
 Low maintenance – change internal cartridge just once a year
 Reduces your carbon footprint
 No repair costs due to scale damage
 Targets existing scale
 Prevents new scale forming
 Easy to install (full installation kit provided)
 Compact from only 355mm high
 Improved texture of the water by removing chlorine for better hair washing
 Food grade materials throughout
 Suitable for whole house protection
 Leading 5-year parts and 2-year labour warranty

With pH stability, Scaleout Advance water is ideal for all types of central heating systems including boilers with stainless steel or aluminium heat exchangers.


What makes the Monarch Scaleout Advance different?

Other products such as magnets, electrolytics, wrap-arounds, sacrificial anodes, multi-core solutions, etc. (the list is almost endless), can only offer a temporary suspension of scale formation. In many cases the effects these products bring last only a couple of hours, therefore any stored water such as that within a tank, coil, etc. will automatically revert back to scale causing, harmful water overnight.
Monarch Scaleout Advance gives a permanent suspension of scale creation. Even if you go on holiday or indeed travelling for 6 months, Scaleout water will not revert back to its original state, giving you complete peace of mind.
The Scaleout Advance also targets existing scale and, over time, will return a boiler and appliances to maximum efficiency and lower running costs from the moment it's installed.




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