The DEWALT POWERSTACK utilises pouch cells to give you greater productivity than before.

Higher max watts out, so there's a greater range of applications, Faster speed of application, giving you increased output and more jobs done, Improved thermal performance. Pouch cells run cooler in application and dissipate heat better than cylindrical cells, Create less heat resistance which means fewer hot pack, shutdowns meaning less downtime and more productivity, Increased cycle life, which means better performance for longer

Dewalt Powerstack Batteries - The Next Dimension in Power

The DEWALT POWERSTACK Battery is DEWALT’s most powerful, compact, and lightweight battery system to date.

The Powerstack features a 2X the lifetime based on charge cycles vs. DEWALT 2Ah Compact Batteries (DCB183), this breakthrough innovation will move the industry forward.

The DEWALT 18V POWERSTACK compact battery will work with the full 18V XR range of tools & batteries, making it easy to add to your existing kit. Delivering up to 50% more power* in a 25% more compact** housing, makes it perfect to get into those hard to reach areas whilst maximising the space in your toolbox.

* vs. DCB183 battery, not in application ** footprint vs. DCB183 Battery

As of September 2022 Dewalt have launched the 5.0ah Powerstack Battery 

DeWalt DCBP518 18v 5.0ah Compact Powerstack Battery Pack DCBP518-XJ

The DEWALT Powerstack DCBP518 5.0ah 18v Battery utilises pouch cells to give you greater productivity than before. Get 50% more power* enabling faster application speeds and increased productivity with more than 50% more work per charge** using this battery that works with all the 18V XR tools you already have.

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