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Bosch BITURBO Cordless Tools

Bosch BITURBO Cordless Tools - Corded Power with just one Bosch 18v PROCORE Battery

Bosch BITURBO 18V Tools are engineered to deliver the user extreme power. Bosch BITURBO Brushless stands for our high-performance cordless series that delivers corded power – with just one 18V battery.

Bosch BITURBO tools are engineered for you to take on the toughest materials and jobs, but faster, lighter, easier. With just one high-performance Bosch ProCORE18V battery, BITURBO tools unleash up to 2,000W of equivalent corded power.

When you use your Bosch BITURBO 18v Tool with a Bosch PROCORE 8ah or 12ah 18v battery

Bosch BITURBO 18v tools are designed especially to work in conjunction with Bosch ProCORE batteries. When used with a ProCORE 8ah or 12ah battery, these Bosch brushless EC cordless tools gain a huge performance boost which puts them on par with corded tools of up to 1800 watts. This enables the user to take on heavy duty cutting, grinding, drilling and chiselling jobs, but without having to rely on a corded power connection.

Bosch BITURBO 18v tools deliver the cordless power which other manufacturers can only deliver with 2 18v batteries. Bosch BITURBO combined with PROCORE can do this all with just 1 18v PROCORE Battery. 

To unlock this extra power from your Bosch 18v BITURBO tool you need to use a 8ah or 12ah battery. However the Bosch BITURBO tools remain fully compatible with the rest of the Bosch Professional 18v range going back to 2008. 


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Items 1-20 of 46

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What else is better about the Bosch BITURBO Cordless Tools?

Bosch BITURBO 18v Tools also have high protection features to keep you safe on site. Every Bosch BITURBO tool comes with a predefined selection of the latest safety features that keep extreme power in your control and reduce risk of injury. These features include Bosch KickBack Control, Vibration Control, Drop Control, X-Brake and many more.

Unlike the competition where 2 batteries are used, Bosch high capacity cordless performance comes from just 1 single 18v battery. As BITURBO tools only need one 18V battery, extreme power has never felt lighter in your hands. Even better: BITURBO tools are equipped with built-in features that blend power and comfort on the job. Thanks to ergonomic designs and features like Soft Start, Bosch BITURBO tools make those tough jobs more comfortable than before.

Remember to experience the maximum power of Bosch BITURBO tools, you should use Bosch ProCORE18V 5.5 Ah, 8.0 Ah, or 12.0 Ah batteries.

But Remember: These high-performance batteries will also work with the rest of our 18V tools. Both BITURBO and ProCORE18V are part of our Professional 18V System, which means they are fully compatible with all our new and existing Bosch Professional 18V products – since 2008.

How Does Bosch BITURBO Brushless work?

So what makes Bosch BITURBO Tools so powerful?

There are two key elements the Bosch best battery the Bosch PROCORE 18v Battery in conjunction with our best motor so the combination of these two key elements will provide revolutionary performance and really
turbocharged your working day these all new motors provide up to 1800 watts of power.

Historically any powertool that has 1800w of power or above would have been a corded tool. Bosch BITURBO Tools have managed to achive corded power but without the cord. But how do Bosch supply enough energy to support these super powerful motors? Well this is done by using the Bosch PROCORE 8ah 12ah batteries which provide up to 1800 watts to unleash the full performance of the Biturbo tools for those challenging tasks in the workplace.

It's not just about the power, Bosch BITURBO tools are lightweight and easy to handle keeping you in total control
with just one PROCORE 18v battery. Bosch BITURBO tools perform as well as some competitors who use two batteries.

As part of the Bosch Professional 18V system for best charging times you are best to use the Bosch GAL 18V-160 C connected 16 amp charger especially designed for Bosch PROCORE batteries. 

But remember there is 100% compatibility of these batteries with all existing Bosch 18v professional chargers. In addition to chargers, the Bosch 18v BITURBO range is fully compatible with exiting Bosch standard slide batteries, however to get the full performance you need to use a 8ah or 12ah PROCORE Battery.