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Triton Showers - Top UK brand
Triton are one of the Country's leading manufacturers of showers. With many different models available in the Triton showers range from mixer showers to electric showers.

The T100 range of Triton electric showers with their modern styling and and technologically avanced features. There easy and simple controls allow accurate adjustment of temperature for the perfect shower day after day.
They are and will be compatible with mains cold water supplies and come complete with a low pressure indicator to advise if the water pressure is inadequate!
The shower head has five spray settings so you can customise your shower exactly how you want it each time, giving you choice to fit your mood whether it be soft and relaxing or a harder revitalizing flow.

There’s nothing worse than having to replace your shower head due to damage from built up limescale, so with the rub clean nozzles you can keep your shower head lime scale-free by simply wiping the nozzles with your hand to remove any build up.
They also include a phase shutdown mode so you won't need to worry about any hot water being left in the pipes after you've finished showering - safety for all the family!

Triton electric showers help you save water and save energy and therefore save you money.

Triton Electric Showers and the most efficient way to shower. Our products have always been super efficient at heating water and are all 'A' energy rated as well as around 96% efficient.

Choosing a renewable energy source for your home and a Triton electric shower is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, making your home more sustainable and by using an electric shower as your main cleaning option, you could potentially lower your energy and water costs.


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