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As a proud British manufacturer, we were delighted to become a member of the ‘Made in Britain’ scheme - a body that champions British manufacturing - in 2014.
Find the latest showers that Triton have to offer! From Electric showers right the way through there stunning range to Digital showers we will keep you upto!


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Triton electric showers help you save water and save energy and therefore save you money. Triton Electric Showers and the most efficient way to shower. Our products have always been super efficient at heating water and are all 'A' energy rated as well as around 96% efficient.
Choosing a renewable energy source for your home and a Triton electric shower is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, making your home more sustainable and by using an electric shower as your main cleaning option, you could potentially lower your energy and water costs.


One of the most popular types of Triton shower is the mixer showers. These showers blend hot & cold water within the shower unit itself - so by the time it leaves the shower head, the water is at your desired temperature. Working with your hot and cold water supplies directly, these showers can produce a higher water pressure vs an electric shower, one to bear in mind when selecting your next shower.
We stock various Triton mixer showers to suit every budget, so why not add a modern touch to your bathroom with this popular style? Some models feature concealed hoses and riser bars, giving a more discreet appearance. Dual mixer showers offer an enhanced showering experience thanks to their two showerheads.


A Triton power shower is one that combines water from your hot and cold-water supplies, this works in the same manner as a mixer shower would. The difference between a mixer and power shower is that a power shower then uses a pump to boost the pressure, which can make a big difference to those with low water pressure, meaning a greater shower experience.

If your home has a cold-water tank in the loft that supplies water to a hot water tank in your airing cupboard, then you could need a power shower. These plumbing systems can result in low water pressure, which then needs a helping hand in order to provide a luxurious showering experience. This helping hand is provided by an electric pump, which is usually contained within the shower unit, but please check with your plumber if you have any doubts.


A digital shower gives you complete control and access to the temperature and water flow, and the simplicity and ease of use make it even more appealing for a relaxing shower.

You can think of Digital showers like they have a brain with two halves – the brains and the beauty. The brains of the operation are in the form of a processor unit which is situated away from the shower enclosure, often in the loft. This technology gives you precise control over temperature and flow. Who said having a shower couldn’t be smart and clever, don’t get me us started on Triton Smart showers.