Triton Power Showers - Powerful Triton Showers

A Triton power shower is one that combines water from your hot and cold-water supplies, this works in the same manner as a mixer shower would. The difference between a mixer and power shower is that a power shower then uses a pump to boost the pressure, which can make a big difference to those with low water pressure, meaning a greater shower experience.

If your home has a cold-water tank in the loft that supplies water to a hot water tank in your airing cupboard, then you could need a power shower. These plumbing systems can result in low water pressure, which then needs a helping hand in order to provide a luxurious showering experience. This helping hand is provided by an electric pump, which is usually contained within the shower unit, but please check with your plumber if you have any doubts.

If you have a combination boiler (where water from the mains is heated by the boiler as it is required, most common system) or a pressurised system (where your hot water tank is fed directly from the mains, rather than a cold-water tank), then you won’t be able to install a power shower, but you can install an mixer or digital shower.

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