Triton DuElec Electric Showers

Triton DuElec Electric Showers - The Triton Electric Shower with a Diverter to a Shower Head

Triton Showers have added to the range the DuElec electric shower and diverter kit, to help installers deliver spa-style bathrooms but from an electric shower rather than a conventional mixer shower.

The Triton DuElec electric shower allows the user to divert water between a fixed overhanging rainfall shower head, typically found in luxury hotels and spas, and a five-spray shower head option.

Available packaged with the popular Triton Amore electric shower, the DuElec™ comes in matching black or chrome finishes for a seamless and stylish look. Featuring a digital temperature display on certain models and simple soft touch on/off button, which complements the minimalist design of the shower, the Amore is an ideal pairing to recreate a boutique experience within the home. All of this from a luxury Triton Electric Shower

The Triton DuElec is offers homeowners wanting an efficient electric shower which doesn’t compromise on looks or quality. The Triton DuElec Electric shower allows the user to easily switch between a typical handheld shower head and large overhead drencher. it is easy to enjoy a rainfall shower experience regardless of a home’s heating system.

As well as being available with the Amore, DuElec™ is also compatible with showers in Triton’s wider range, making it ideal as a quick bathroom upgrade. For retrofit applications, the kit includes diverter rails and arm, a 200mm fixed head and a 1m connecting hose, along with a five-spray pattern shower head which is available in either black or chrome.

The Triton DuElec is also packaged with the Triton T80Z and the Triton Danzi Electric Showers

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