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Omnicare provides the ideal solution to the difficulty of finding a shower which is both stylish for the bathroom and can be easily used by everyone. Inclusive showering of the highest quality is what the Omnicare achieves so well with its attention to design, safety and simplicity.

Omnicare showers are not only super stylish, but they can be easily used by all, regardless of the level of assistance required for showering.

Triton electric showers help you save water and save energy and therefore save you money.

Triton Electric Showers and the most efficient way to shower. Our products have always been super efficient at heating water and are all 'A' energy rated as well as around 96% efficient.

Choosing a renewable energy source for your home and a Triton electric shower is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, making your home more sustainable and by using an electric shower as your main cleaning option, you could potentially lower your energy and water costs.


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