T18S 18V Sanders: Introducing Trend Cordless Power Tools, a System 65 years in the making - Powered by Trend Trinity Technology. The Trend T18S/DSB cordless detail sander features a hook and loop base which allows fast efficient swaps when moving between grits for increased productivity.

Its has a dust sealed power switch prevents clogging and failure from fine dust ingress and the comfortable rubber over-mould grips to minimise vibration and aid control. Supplied with high quality Trend abrasives in 80, 120 and 180 grits.

The Detail sander base allows larger areas to be sanded with the detail tip perfect for accessing tighter spots such as corners.
11000 RPM Trend High Performance Motor for efficiently cutting through old paint or achieving a fine finished surface.

Randon Orbital Sander is a High performance variable speed 125mm Diameter sander for fast efficient stock removal and fine finishing.
Main Features : Dust Sealed Switch, 6000-12000 Orbits per minute, 2mm orbite for a finer finish and a 125mm base size that is an EVA hook and loop base.





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