At Buyaparcel we have made a home page for Trend Router Cutters and sets to make it easier to find the router cutter you need, The UK's No.1 Brand of Router Cutters. Leading the way in Technology and Innovation. Trend has ranges of Router Cutters to suit all types of applications.

Trend router bits are available in both a 1/4" and 1/2" shank size. Whenever possible it’s best to choose the larger shank size. The 1/2" bit shanks are substantially stronger and less prone to breakage than a smaller shank. In fact, a 1/2" shank has nearly four times the surface area of a 1/4" shank. However, 1/4” shank bits are often ideal for use in small laminate trim type routers when making small cuts.

Trend router bits of the highest quality from a brand you can trust. We offer an unbeatable selection of router cutters, From CraftPro to the trade and professional ranges. Our collection of specially designed router tooling products add precision and detail to your latest woodwork project either in the workshop or on site. Our range of router cutters are ideal for everything from grooving to engraving so for quality routing tools with superior performance you've come to the right page and place, from 1/2" Cutters to 1/4" Router cutters we have it all , see the bottom of the page for a short video on "CraftPro Router Cutters."

There are hundreds of different profiles and sizes of router bits, many of which have more than one function. It is therefore difficult to categorise them precisely, but the following guide will provide an introduction to the most popular forms.

Straight Cutters
These are primarily used for cutting grooves, slots, recesses and dados, but straight or parallel flute cutters can also be used for mortising, edge trimming and, in conjunction with guide bearings and bushes, for template work. They are the most basic cutters and vary enormously in size from tiny 1.5mm diameter ones for delicate work up to massive 50mm diameter versions. Cutter lengths vary from 5mm to 65 mm so the range is enormous.

Single flute straight cutters : Are used for applications where fast cutting is of more concern than the standard of the finish.
Two flute straight cutters: Are used for most routing operations, including edge trimming, grooving and rebating.

Spiral cutters : Are suitable for small mortising and pocket cutting operations on timber.


For More on the different types please see the bottom of the Trend Cutters Page Below....


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