Introducing TankBoost, the perfect solution for boosting mains water flow and pressure to multiple outlets in large, multi-storey homes.

TankBoost is a single unit solution to insufficient incoming water pressure or flow.
It will ensure powerful showers, strong flowing taps and quick toilet cistern replenishment, even if they are being used at the same time.

TankBoost overcomes water performance issues by providing additional cold water storage boosted by an integral submersible pump.
This provides flow up to 80 L/min and pressure up to 3 Bar.

The typical application for the product is a larger dwelling, with several floors and bathrooms. However, TankBoost can also service smaller dwellings if space is available.
TankBoost is unique in the Salamander Pumps’ range in that it can deliver flow rates beyond 36 L/min and is suitable for use with a restrictive incoming main water pipe (typically lead mains).

  • Increase water flow up to 80 L/min
    Boosts pressure up to 3.0 Bar Very quiet in operation
  • Suitable for lead mains supply
  • Stainless steel submersible pump
  • Easy installation
  • Additional stored water tanks available
  • Category 5 variants available with 2 year warranty